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Lessons from the Biggest Loser

by bevbarnes on November 6, 2009

I watch “The Biggest Loser”.  My husband asks me how I can keep watching it season after season.  He says it never changes, fat people lose weight.  He can’t understand why, if I already know the plot, I am watching it again.

He has missed the point.

It is not the weight that the participants lose that inspires me.  Yes, I love the personal transformation moment at the end of each episode when you see the kicked off player now…and they look way thinner.  What inspires me on the Biggest Loser is how, little by little, participants change the way they think about themselves.  What I see is that they start to believe that they are fantastic, talented, creative, brilliant and caring people.  I love seeing that change even more than the weight loss.

Here’s what I really think; they are lucky they got extremely fat.  Why?  They are lucky because they had physical evidence that their lives were a mess; they could not escape that they had something to fix.  They could not pretend that all was well.  They had to admit that they had a problem.

Those of us whose lives look just fine on the outside have a much harder time admitting that we need to change something.  We don’t have the huge wakeup call that obese people have.  We can spend our time in denial, pretending that all is well.  We can keep playing small, never recognizing that we are fantastic, talented, creative, brilliant and caring people.

When you are unhappy at work, and you pretend that you are not, you are losing an opportunity to make your life right. 

                                                                           Unhappiness is a call. 

It is the same call that the Biggest Loser participants have.  It is telling you to look at your life and figure out what you need to change…..and to start changing it!

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