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GLEE: Your real job in life

by bevbarnes on April 8, 2010

I just watched yesterday’s Oprah show.  She had the cast of GLEE on.  I had an unexpected reaction.  It brought me to tears …….and I don’t even watch GLEE.  In the spirit of inquiry I decided to examine my reaction and in the spirit of posting more regularly on this blog, I decided to share with you what I discovered.

The first thing that resonated with me was the singing and dancing.  It made me think of my sister, who was born to sing and dance and perform and teach.  I thought about “if only” those opportunities were available when we were teenagers.  Flash forward to today.  My sister created a dance program at a highschool and puts on an enormous production every year.  She spends her life inspiring young people with dance.  I guess she found her role in life after all.

Then I thought about how finding your role in life is all about celebrating your difference rather than trying to be the same as everyone else. 

Then I thought about why people forget that their only job in life is to use who they really are in the world.

Then I realized that they were probably never told that, and that they were having trouble believing it.

Then I started to cry again.

That’s when I knew I had hit something really deep inside of me.  An inner knowing of my own raison d’etre and a correspondingly huge desire to lead people to this knowing.

I don’t have scientific proof that the reason we are on earth is to use who we really are in the world.  I have not read and studied any spiritual or religious teachings.  I didn’t learn about this in school. 

I just know.

I know beyond a shadow of doubt that your real job in the world is to be YOU.

My job?  To use all the gifts that I’ve been given to promote and teach that message.

By the way, tears might also be a clue for you.  Not the sad boo-hoo tears, but the angst ridden tears that straddle pleasure and pain.  If something brings you to tears, examine what is underneath and what is resonating with your soul.  It will bring you closer to your real job in life.

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