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Holy Law of Attraction!

by bevbarnes on April 26, 2010

Last summer I was part of an incredible group of women that were trained by Martha Beck as Master Life Coaches.  At our final dinner we went around the room and stated our intentions for the coming year.  It was magical.  We started talking about what we really wanted in the upcoming year.  We had the opportunity to share two desires.  

But I had a third heartfelt desire that I didn’t state out loud. 

I thought my third thing seemed vain and superficial, so I didn’t state it.  Even though I wanted it more than I wanted the other two.  I couldn’t explain why I wanted the third thing.  I still can’t.  It’s just something I want.  But I’d never told anyone. 

I began to take part in a Tribe of Five…a magical mastermind group with 4 other wonderful people.  I finally decided to state my third wish to them.  I decided to stop judging whether my wish was worthy of the person I wanted to be.  I decided to be brave and just admit it.

I told them I wanted to be the Life Coach on a T.V. makeover show.

I felt relief.  I had finally been completely honest, and I let the wish out.

Two weeks later, I kid you not, I was contacted by a past client, who told me that she was an independent television producer and she wanted to develop a T.V. show where I would be the Life Coach.  She asked me if I was interested.

When I picked myself up from the floor, I started to believe in magic. 

We made a promo video and it’s posted in this blog.

I have stopped telling myself that television is less worthy than other things.  And I am allowing my dream to manifest.

I don’t really know if I will be on a television show, but this little piece of magic has shown me that ANYTHING is possible.  And if that is why it all happened then I’m fine with that.

What are you not allowing yourself to wish for?

Maybe it’s time to say it out loud!

Here is the video we made for the TV show, coming soon to a station near you!


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