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Listen to Your Life Speak

by bevbarnes on November 16, 2010

I am a late adopter.  I am slow to embrace new technology, products or ideas.  I got my first blackberry only a year ago.  I was amongst the third or fourth hundred million people to join Facebook.  I haven’t figured out how to connect the Bluetooth thingy that I just got for my car.  I don’t really like trends and I hate following them.

 So why did I just start taking yoga classes? 

 Because my life was telling me to.

 I’ve never liked yoga. I’ve never been flexible and figured that I would get my workout doing something where I could sweat.  I totally rejected yoga when it went mainstream and became trendy.  Hollywood celebs toting yoga mats and wearing Lululemon clothing made me want to gag.

And then last year someone opened a Yoga studio in my town.  I circled it.  I looked inside.  It was painted in calming earth tones, had a shiny new floor, ornate candle holders and colourful art.  It felt like me. I loved the space.  I talked to the teacher.  She was calm and seemed wise.  She was someone I could be friends with.   I started to meet yoga devotees who talked about yoga like it was a connection to the divine.  They felt like me.

 I met Jess Ryan a Yogi.  Jess taught me how to breathe and I felt like I’d known her all my life.  My doctor told me that I was prone to arthritis in my joints.  Suddenly everyone in my social circle was talking about the body-mind benefits of yoga.  I started getting irritated in my aerobics class.  I started to consider that maybe my body did need to be listened to instead of being whipped into shape.  I started getting hip pain and knee pain.  My aerobics teacher got sick and cancelled all her classes.

 I signed up for yoga.

I still don’t even really like yoga.  But there is something about the way my yoga teacher talks about the body and spirit and energy that really resonates with me.  And there is something about the way I feel after a yoga class, that is irresistible.  So I’m going to keep going whether my mind objects or not.  I think that the thing I like the most about yoga is not the yoga per se but the fact that I stopped resisting yoga.  I started listening to my life speak. 

The reason I wrote this post is not to encourage you to take yoga, it is to encourage you to stop resisting the messages you are getting from your life. My theory is that when you start listening to your life and you act on the messages you receive, you are guided towards your right life.   That’s how you’ll stumble across your own raison d’être.  It’s about 80% faith and 20% action.  Have the faith, listen to the messages and take the action.

 I don’t have a clue where yoga is leading me, but I know it is leading me closer to me….and that is all I need to know.

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