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Do You Matter to You?

by bevbarnes on March 10, 2011

Under every stuck person lies a false belief. 
A belief is something that you think over and over again.
That doesn’t make it true.
Most often you don’t even notice what your beliefs are.  You can’t see them.  Sometimes you don’t even know that you have them.  You can’t put a belief in the trunk of your car.  A belief is not a thing.   
Beliefs like company.  Everybody wants to give you theirs.
Some beliefs you get from your parents.
Some beliefs you get from your friends.
Some beliefs you get from your culture.
Some beliefs magically appear from past generations.
Some beliefs you adopt all by yourself.
If you are a woman, then you probably have a sneaky belief that hides under everything you do. 
“My needs don’t matter.”  And the corollary, “I’m not important.” 
 This can also be translated as “It is more important to make sure everyone else’s needs are met than to satisfy my own.”
Think about that for a while. 
How does believing that you don’t matter, affect every aspect of your life?What have you not done, not asked for, not created, not started, not shared, not risked, not demanded, not celebrated, not quit, not refused because you had this belief? 
Did you know that it is not what people do that they regret at the end of their lives, but what they don’t do?
Suppose that when you went to bed tonight, something magical happened and when you woke up tomorrow morning, you no longer believed that your needs didn’t matter.
What would your life be like?
What would you be doing?
How would you be feeling?
Maybe you would start taking your daily vitamins or your daily walk.
Maybe you’d start believing that you could create the life and work you love.
Replace that battered, out of date, lying scumbag of a belief by something that is truer.  How about this one?
I matter to me!
Even if you don’t really believe it, pretend that you do.  It’ll change your life. 
Now go and do some things that matter to you.

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