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The Dreaded Mistake!

by bevbarnes on November 16, 2011

This month I’m starting something new, weekly Passion Tips!  Yes.  Weekly.  Every week you’ll receive a tip, tool or a worksheet straight to your in-box, that will help you find your true calling and get on with the business of changing the world.  My intention to help you to start following your passions NOW.  It’s time!  The world needs your gifts.  Just sign up in my sign-up box to the right.

This week’s passion tip is about the dreaded mistake.

If you are afraid that you might pick the wrong passion, not be able to make a living from it and end up broke and living out of your car (if you still have one) then read on!

The truth is, your passions are just like your potential soul mates.  Many different people could be your soul mate depending on your circumstances.  You might even have a series of soul mates.  It’s the same with your passions.  You can have many and they can change over time.  Trying to figure out whether you’ve picked “the” right passion just keeps you stuck going nowhere.

 And if you fail, so what?  Try something else.

 Nothing you do is a mistake.


Every time you follow one of your passions, no matter how it turns out, it brings you more information about what you DO want and what you DON’T want.  It’s not a mistake.  You’ve learned something that will help you get closer to your passions.  Eventually, you’ll stumble upon your true calling in life, but you’ve got to DO something and stop just thinking about it.

I know for sure that I don’t like working in an office 9-5, no matter what my job title is.


Because I’ve done it.

And now I’ve crossed it off my list.

Download my Nothing is a Mistake Worksheet. Let me know what you learn about yourself.  Leave your comments below.  I want to know how you deal with your fears about making a mistake.



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