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Play Your Way to Your Passions!

by bevbarnes on December 1, 2011

If you don’t know what your passions are, my hunch is that you have been trying to “think” your way to them – analyzing – deducing – researching. They are all fine strategies but they won’t help you to find your passions.

Passion doesn’t reside in the analytical brain. It hangs out with fun, pleasure, curiosity, laughter and drum roll please – play.

Passion feels like play. It feels like freedom, absorption, satisfaction. Your heart sings and your soul dances. Play helps you to forget your socially defined roles and the deeply ingrained beliefs common in the western world like:

Play is frivolous.

Work first, play later.

Play and work are mutually exclusive.

But suppose you want your work to be play?

Well first you have to start ignoring what your mind is telling you about play, and start playing more.  Play puts your focus on being who you really are and doing what you love.  It leads you to your passions.  When you play, you give yourself permission to have fun.

Play. It’ll have a ripple effect in your life.

This week’s worksheet is to help you get some play ideas.  Download it here.  Don’t just think about playing, do the worksheet, and go out and play.  Share your own play ideas here on the blog. You might inspire someone!

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