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Stop Pretending You Are Having Fun When You’re Not!

by bevbarnes on December 8, 2011

Stop pretending you are having fun when you’re not.   What?   Aren’t you supposed to be happy or at least act like you are?  Aren’t you supposed to “Act as if……” and then eventually you will be?

Not if you want to find and follow your passions.

If you expend your energy trying to pretend you are having fun at work, for example, when you are miserable, then you won’t have any energy left to find or follow your passions.   The only thing that happens to suppressed misery is that it reappears in your body as back pain, neck pain, digestive problems, fatigue, migraines,  sleeplessness and a host of other physical symptoms.

Your body is trying to help you to hear the message that you are trying to ignore – you aren’t having any fun.

 Why are you ignoring this message?   My hunch is that there are two main reasons:

1.  You were taught to ignore your emotions rather than listen to them; and

2.  You are afraid that if you listen to your emotions, you will have to make a big change in your life – and that leads immediately to feelings of panic as you imagine yourself broke and living in your car.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, your body continues to broadcast the message that something is off through aches and pains and discomfort until you hear the message.   The ONLY thing you need to do is to start feeling your emotions and stop suppressing them. That’s it.  You don’t have to quit your job, leave your marriage or run away and join the circus.

Acknowledging that you’ve heard the message from your emotions, via your body, is THE first step to finding and following your passions.


Slow down.

Take 5 deep belly breaths.  Breathe.

Feel your emotion.  Don’t try to figure out its message just become aware of where you feel this emotion in your body.

You don’t have to do anything else.

Take one step at a time.

This week’s PassionSheet is to help you to start to notice the sensations of your emotions in your body.  Download it here.  Do the exercise.  Breathe.

 That’s all.

 Believe me.  It’ll feel like relief.  You don’t have to do anything else.  This is your first step.

 Where are you pretending that you are having fun but you’re not?  Share it on the blog below!

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