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Are you doing your Right Work?

by bevbarnes on January 27, 2012

Purpose, calling, vocation, mission, your soul’s purpose… is all the same thing, the work of your soul.  I call it right work.

This is how I define Right Work:

Right work is the work that gives you the most joy;

It utilizes your unique talents, allows you to make a contribution and increases the love in the world;

When your work is RIGHT, what you are doing and who you are being is aligned; your inner core self and your external, personality self are working together.

When your work is RIGHT, you are being fully present, rather than future or past focused.

Your right work may not be your job, and it may not even be paid work. It is the role you get to play rather than the job title.

Right work is the work of your soul, your mission or your purpose.  It does not have to be grandiose.  It is more about who you get to be than what you get you to do.

Eckhart Tolle, Martha Beck, Brooke Castillo and Bev Barnes have all contributed to this definition.

Are you doing your right work? If you aren’t why not? If you are, how do you know? Share your insights below.   It might help someone.


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