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Accept What Comes Naturally!

by bevbarnes on February 9, 2012

I don’t want those talents, I want something else!

I’ve heard that statement many times.

Elle, a bright, accomplished solo-entrepreneur participated in one of my coaching groups. She was trying to identify her superpowers.

Superpowers = Natural talents + 10,000 or more hours practice.

When you are using your superpowers it feels totally natural and you feel joy. Often it feels like the activity is coming through you as opposed to being done by you.

I told Elle to think back to the last time that she was doing something where she lost all notion of time – where she was totally focused on what she was doing and the activity seemed to be flowing through her as opposed to her “trying” to get it done. She answered quickly that it was when she was planning her kids’ birthday party. She came up with a theme, made costumes, planned party favours and decorations. She said that she got so involved in her creation that even her kids thought she’d gone over the top with the party.

Me: You love creating, using your hands – coming up with a theme or vision, designing and creating beauty.

Elle: Yes that’s it! I always come up with the same thing when I’m trying to figure out my passions. It’s always design, creating, planning and using my hands.

She sounded disappointed.

Me: It sounds like those are your Superpowers – tell me where I’m wrong.

Elle: You’re not wrong. But I don’t want those superpowers, I want something else!

Does this sound like you?

Are you undervaluing what makes you unique?

Are you undervaluing your Superpowers?

Here is my advice:

Stop doing that!

When you don’t accept your superpowers, you don’t accept your God given gifts.

They are yours.

Use them.

You are needed.

Exactly as you are.

If you use your superpowers with love and joy, you’ll change the world.

And the world needs your help.

Here is an exercise from Martha Beck’s new book, Finding your Way in a Wild New World to help you identify your Superpowers. Click here to download.

What have you practiced for 10,000 hours?

Share your Superpowers below!  Maybe you’ll inspire someone.


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