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Stop Asking the Wrong Question

by bevbarnes on June 6, 2012

Are you ready to recreate your work so that you can fulfill your true calling in life?

Are you telling yourself that if you were clear on what else you could do, then you’d be happy, you’d quit your job and recreate your work so that you could do what you were born to do? You’d replace your old job by your new one and then you’d move on with life and no longer be stuck?

I hear this fantasy from many of my clients. They really believe that if they knew what else they could do, they would be able to get off the wrong path and onto the right one.

Unfortunately answering the question – What else can I do? – won’t lead you to your true calling, or soul satisfying work. It keeps you stuck. It’ll lead you to what you’ve already done, what you were trained in. It won’t lead you to your vocation.

I know this dilemma well. Years ago when I had a corporate job, I had no clue what else I could do. It was only when I stopped asking this question that I started making progress. Finding your true calling has nothing to do with what you are doing – it has to do with who you are being. Are you being the person you were born to be?

The real question that you need to ask to find and fulfill your true calling is this one:

What is my essential nature?

Your essential nature is your essence, the main part of you, your most basic or important ingredient or what First Nations communities would describe as your original medicine – the gift you were born with. The magic and brilliance of the universe is that your essential nature shines when you are joyful, playful, passionate and expressing love. It feels amazing when you are expressing your essential nature.

You can’t expect to find your essence pre-packaged in a job.

You need to create work that matches your essence!

To discover your essential nature you follow joy, play and passion and then you start being who you really are, your essential nature, in everything you do.

This is NOT what we are taught in school.

That’s why so many people who followed all the rules end up in careers where they feel like they have to pretend to be something that they’re not.

Joy, love, passion and play lead you to your essential nature.

Isn’t that a gift? Drudgery, boredom, frustration and only using your analytical mind lead you away from your essential nature!

To find soul-satisfying work do this:

1. Stop asking the question “What else can I do?”

2. Start asking the question “What is my essential nature?” and find your answers. Here are a few easy ways of re-discovering your essential nature:

• Talk to people who knew you as a child – ask them what was unique about you
• Find your favourite childhood photograph – ask yourself why it is your favourite
• Rediscover one of your childhood creations – ask yourself why you are so proud of it
• Remember your favourite childhood toys – ask yourself why you loved it so much

3. Start being your essential nature, right away.

4. If something is holding you back from expressing your essential nature, get coached – it’s the fastest and most effective way through the blocks.

5. Start asking the question “How can I make a living using my essential nature?”

6. Find your people. Find people who see the world the way you do, that your soul sighs when you are with. Take courses with them. Become one of them. Like attracts like.

7. Listen for the ideas you get as an answer to the question “How can I make a living using my essential nature?”

8. If something is holding you back from moving towards the work that expresses your essential nature, again get coached.

9. Express gratitude and share what you’ve learned with others.

I met my childhood best-friend’s sister this weekend. I hadn’t seen her in decades. She described the childhood me as sickeningly positive- playing and laughing and spreading fairy dust over everything. I was shocked to realize that I really haven’t changed since I was a kid. But that’s my essence.

To find my calling, I had to start being that positive person who believes that magical change can happen. I had to be my essential nature in all aspects of my life, including my work.

That’s all you need to do too. Take. One. Step.

If you haven’t already, download my free class Define Your Difference – it’ll help you to discover your essential nature. I guarantee it!

I love hearing from you. What tips you have to share on discovering your essential nature? What have you discovered about yourself? Share and leave your comments below!

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Christy June 7, 2012 at 11:40 am

After 13 years in a job I am perfectly qualified to do, I made the conscious decision to put it all down and walk the other direction – away from a “safe and steady” paycheck and great insurance- because the draw to find what makes my heart sing became too irresistible. My last day was may25 and I’m terrified but exhilarated!


Bev Barnes June 7, 2012 at 12:24 pm

Wow Christy! I love the fact that you made a conscious decision and know that you can choose the life that you want! Congratulations. Terror and exhilaration are perfect.


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