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Are you an Empath who is in Anxiety Soup?

by bevbarnes on October 3, 2012

Are you are an empath – someone who feels the emotions of others even more clearly than you feel your own? Are an empath that is following your passions, starting a business, venturing online or doing something that you know is your true calling in life?

If so, you may be in anxiety soup.

I was.

And I didn’t even know it.

Anxiety soup is why I’m offering my upcoming telephone workshop, I’d Follow My Passion If Only I Wasn’t So Afraid. It’s what I needed but I was afraid to admit that I was afraid. So I didn’t ask for help. If you can relate to my story I know this workshop will help you.

Here’s my online story:

When I went online, 4 years ago, even though I’d been self-employed for 12 years already, everything changed for me. I started working on line because I wanted to have clients that spoke English my mother tongue (I live in a 99.9% French speaking town). I also knew that I had a gift for being able to hold space for people as they made deep transformations in their lives. I knew that my calling was to guide people towards their soul’s calling. And I knew I had to do this with more people than I could by working in person.

So after getting Life Coach training from Martha Beck in 2008, online, I established an online presence. In 2008 I had never sent a text message. I had a cell phone that didn’t take pictures. I didn’t know what a blog was. I knew absolutely NOTHING about the online world.

I relied on GOOGLE to answer my how-to questions and found free services that were available. Two of my teachers in Life Coach training were great mentors – Pam Slim and Brooke Castillo, where I learned the basics of online business building and communicating authentically with your clients.

But as I started to find my way in my online business and had ideas about what to design something else happened.

I felt awful.

I was constantly fighting with myself. I had ideas that I never made happen – they just existed in my head or I forgot that I’d even had them. I started to see my colleagues and friends moving forward and turning their ideas into something real. It was like I was standing still and they were moving forward. And this wasn’t due to a lack of inspiration on my part. It was due to something else.

But what?

I felt a lot of anxiety – that I didn’t know how to do it (whatever “it” was) – that maybe it would fail (which meant that no one would buy my services and I wouldn’t be able to do what I was called to do) – that I was overwhelmed by information and what direction to go in and didn’t know where to start or what to do first. While I was sleeping my brain was obsessing about what I needed to do and while I was awake I was overwhelmed about where to start.

And I was keeping it to myself.

Basically I was in anxiety soup.

Uncomfortable, overwhelmed, exhausted, disappointed, angry and frustrated with myself all in a broth of deep sadness.

What was holding me back?

Why couldn’t I just get going? Why was I doing everything in fits and starts – getting super excited about my path and then losing the thread – just stopping or forgetting or shelving the dream project in a computer file that I’d never find?

It was fear.

A different kind of fear than I’ve ever faced. My deepest fear – that I didn’t even know I had until I started an online business.

My fear of being seen.

Really seen.

Not showing the fake me, the chameleon me, the “I know what you want me to be so I’ll be that” me.

The Real Me.

And that is what starting an online (read global, will exist forever and be seen by people who you don’t know) business brings up for empaths.

If you want to do what you are called to do, what your passion is leading you to do, you have to present YOU – without hiding when most of your life you’ve been tapping into the energy of other people and deciding how to present yourself based on what they can handle.

Starting an online business or any authentic soul inspired business that is your passion or your true calling means you have to stop hiding. Stop pretending. Stop holding back. Stop faking.

And that brings up fear, resistance and anxiety.

That’s why I’m offering my workshop, I’d Follow My Passion If Only I Wasn’t So Afraid. To help you get the help that I needed but didn’t ask for. To help you get through what is holding you back from being the real you in your life and your work.

If you are an empath or suspect you might be one and relate to what I’ve written about today, join me.

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Amie October 3, 2012 at 6:35 pm

Holy shit, Bev! Sorry for the profanity, but those are the best words I could come up with. This post not only spoke to me – I think you wrote it TO me! I signed up immediately for next week’s teleclass. I can’t wait. Thank you for this offering at exactly the right time in my life.


Bev Barnes October 3, 2012 at 7:05 pm

No worries about the profanity. I am so glad you’ll be on the call! Talk to you soon Amie.


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