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Coaching Cocoon Principle #1

by bevbarnes on October 30, 2012

Every day for the next 10 days I’ll post one short important tip to remember if you are in the middle of a life or career transition. I’ve based the Coaching Cocoon on these principles. Remember them as you transition from your job to your calling.

Coaching Cocoon Principle #1: Allow Yourself a Transition Period

Recognize you’ll have lots of emotions. Sometimes you’ll be totally efficient and sometimes not at all.

You’ll look fondly at the past and fear the future AND you’ll be relieved the past is over and be excited for the future – all at the same time.

You’ll forget what you are doing and why you wanted to do it.

You’ll repeat things over and over and not realize you already said them.

Your projects will exist in your head and you’ll forget you actually thought of them.

You’ll be human.

Allow this and accept it.

You can’t go faster than you can go. If you push yourself, it won’t work; you’ll crash and not be able to do anything anyway because of your exhaustion.

Don’t forget to breathe.

This too will pass.

See you tomorrow with the next Coaching Cocoon principle!

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