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Coaching Cocoon Principle #2

by bevbarnes on October 31, 2012

This is the second in a series of 10 tips for people transitioning from their job to their calling. 

Act Your Way into a New Way of Thinking and Doing

Even if you don’t believe that you are the new “thing” that you are transitioning to, pretend that you are.

If you are transitioning to self-employment, set your days up like someone who is self employed.

Plan your working and playing hours and your break times.  Create your own structure, one that fits your natural rhythms.

Believe that you are already what you want to be.

Feel the feelings that you’ll have when you get what you want.  Those feelings will help you to attract what you want – so do things right away, that give you those feelings.

See you tomorrow with the next Coaching Cocoon principle!

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