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The Hard Part of Following Your Passions

by bevbarnes on October 9, 2012

You already know your calling.

It might be hidden under your job or your role in life but it’s there.

When I was miserable in my corporate job and I had no clue what I was supposed to be when I grew up I didn’t believe that.

But I was wrong.

I’ve learned since then that your calling is not a job title. 

Your calling is to be YOU – your true nature, your essence, your natural self.

What most of us get confused about is HOW to make a living being our natural selves and following our passions rather than WHAT we love to do.

It’s pretty simple to find your calling though I admit it might not be easy.

This is what I did:

  • Decided to find work that I loved no matter what;
  • Made a commitment to being congruent (my natural self) – the same person on the outside as I was on the inside;
  • Noticed what made my heart sing and what made my heart tighten and contract;
  • Did more of what made my heart sing and less of what made my heart contract.

That was the whole process.  Simple but not easy.

I ended up falling in love with helping other people to do this.

If you follow your passions, you will stumble upon your calling.  Always.

Many of us that have a deep yearning to find our calling, are people who are called to help transform and heal the world in some way – usually doing something creative, art, writing, inspired entrepreneurship and a wide variety of healing arts including Life Coaching.

Since this call usually shows up at mid-life (after age 30) you have to make shift from a “stable” corporate job or profession and create your work – something that is nebulous, a little unclear,  based on your essence (whatever that is) and with no guarantees that it will succeed.

And that’s when fear shows up.

Fear is what stops you from moving forward.  Fear tells you that you need a plan – when you don’t have one.  Fear tells you that you need to know what you want – when you don’t.  Fear tells you that you are being irresponsible – when it’s the first time that you are really respecting your self.

In order to create your life’s work, you have to stop living from a place of fear, resistance and anxiety and start living from a place of desire, inspiration and commitment.

You probably need help to do that.

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