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Does Your Soul Have a Mind Of Its Own?

by bevbarnes on November 13, 2012

Wouldn’t it be great if:

  •  Your soul’s work was a job title that existed – Claims Coordinator, Academic Advisor, Human Resources Manager?
  •  You didn’t have an ache in your heart because of an unfulfilled calling?
  •  You were happy to be a different person at work than you were at home?

If this isn’t you, welcome to my world.  YOU have a calling – even if you aren’t sure what it is.  You were born to do something, not necessarily grandiose, but something that you love, that helps people and heals the world.

Transitioning from your job to a calling is like walking blindfolded in the fog.

Your destination isn’t clear.  You know you are going towards your north star because you are   following your inner rightness meter. That makes it really hard to explain your decisions logically and rationally to others who aren’t on the same path.

The process of creating soul satisfying work, involves taking tiny steps and doing the thing that is right in front of you, that is aligned with your inner rightness meter, without obsessing about the big picture and your future direction.

Despite what everybody thinks.

Focus on the present and follow your inner rightness meter.

Because your soul has a mind of its own.

Your soul probably doesn’t care whether you have a bi-weekly salary or benefits or pre-determined work hours.

Your soul is love.  Following love is the only way to have soul-satisfying work.  You’ll probably have to create your work in order to fully do that.

Think Ellen or Oprah or Steve Jobs or my mentor, Martha Beck.

Luckily this is the easiest time in history to start a solo micro-business.

If you have been an employee all your life then making the transition to a creator is daunting.  It is like the transformation that the caterpillar makes when it becomes a butterfly.

A shape shift.

The caterpillar totally dissolves and reforms and then has to work its way out of the cocoon by itself, so that it can fly.

That’s what you have to do in order to make the transformation from employee to creator.

That’s what I’ll help you to do in the Coaching Cocoon.

Registration closes at midnight tomorrow.

Sign up now.

I LOVE to hear from you. What do you struggle with in shifting from your job to your calling?  What has helped you the most?  C




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