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Bev Barnes is a Master Coach in the truest sense.

In her capable hands you’ll feel supported, heard, and motivated. Whenever I need to figure something out, I turn to Bev – if she wasn’t so busy, I’d hire her to coach me daily! That would be the ultimate luxury, because there’s no one I trust like Bev to give me her full, undivided, loving attention. I feel safe, nurtured, and free when Bev coaches me.

She’s a genius – a natural coach gifted with startling insight and perception. Every time I want to refer somebody to a coach, Bev is the first person to come to mind. You’ll adore her within the first five minutes, I promise!”

Abigail Steidley – Master Mind Body Coach


I gained the confidence that this is absolutely what I’m meant to do.

I recently sought coaching with Bev to get some assistance to re-design my private Psychotherapy practice. I love my work as a Psychotherapist, but my practice in many ways was not what I wanted it to be, and I couldn’t figure out where to begin to start changing it. I could identify what I didn’t like, but I didn’t know in what direction I wanted to go. I really felt stuck.

One of Bev’s biggest strengths as a coach is her incredible intuitive sense. In our sessions, she was always able to read what was going on for me. She very quickly helped me identify and challenge those obstacles that were getting in the way of me pursuing my “ideal practice”.

Through the coaching process, Bev helped me to discover what I am most passionate about, my “life’s work”. I leave coaching now with a vision of where I am going and the real confidence that this is absolutely what I am meant to do. She has pointed me in the right direction, and provided me with the insight, knowledge and tools to now start making my way along a path towards my ideal practice.

Bev’s approach is always encouraging and supportive. I always left our sessions feeling energized and motivated. Thank you again Bev, for all your support and encouragement.

Linda Burdett, M.A. – Psychotherapist


I got a little bit closer to my own centre of courage.

In fact, I’m now thinking about incorporating my own view of courage into offerings I plan to develop. Bev is real and by that I mean accessible. Bev is deeply empathic.

She creates a circle of safety and an ongoing invitation to come forward. She doesn’t come across as a superstar and I mean that in a really good way. Working with Bev allowed me to imagine myself as a successful coach.

Linda Porelle – Life Coach


Bev has helped me connect the dots, get clear, trust my gut and challenge my thinking.

My journey to create work that I love and to find my passions has been long and definitely challenging at times. Bev’s extensive knowledge and experience is clearly apparent and you will get SO much from her coaching and classes.

Bev is an absolute brilliant coach and amazing person on so many levels. Inspiring, motivating, passionate, intuitive, fun, wise and gifted, Bev is the epitome of someone who has found their passion and is sharing that gift. As a result of this life changing work, I have a much deeper awareness and connection with my true self. The gifts of this process are many and the richness is so sweet. I cannot recommend working with Bev enough.

Michelle Reinhardt – Life Coach


I got out of my own way.

I was spending a lot of time worrying about my business, and not as much time creating my business before this group. Now I spend less time worrying and overthinking, and more time problem solving.

I recommend other coaches work with Bev because she gets it. She understands the overwhelm and fear that often comes with starting a coaching business, and with empathy and understanding helps you calm those fears so that you can do what you do best and add more love to the world in your life and in your business.

Bev’s biggest talent is helping coaches see their own talents and gifts. Bev spots people’s unique gifts and abilities immediately and helps coaches understand how to apply them in their businesses.

Janelle Holden – President & Founder – The Gluten Free Life Coach


I found my direction.

I knew I had talents and gifts but did not have a clear idea what to do with them. I was searching for my true calling for a long time before starting coaching with Bev. I tried different professions with mild success but always had that feeling that I was not doing what I was supposed to. I was living someone else’s life.

Since coaching with Bev, I know exactly where I am going. With her guidance I now have a plan that is exciting! I know who I am, I know where I am going and that is a very peaceful feeling. I have found my voice.

I loved every session with Bev. She is quick to figure out a way to guide you and help you become who you are meant to be. She has a natural talent to find what is YOUR true calling. I highly recommend working with Bev! She is fun and insightful. It is a true pleasure to work with Bev!

Sonja Bannon – Business Creation Specialist


I got clear on what I wanted to offer.

Beverly has been an essential part of how I structured and developed my business. I knew I had a great business idea but I was not sure if it made sense to others or was sellable. Bevhelped me get clearer on exactly what I had to offer. She was also able to gracefully walk me through doubt in my skills and the “what if’s” that previously held me back.

If you have an idea you need developed that stays true to who you are then Bev is the exact right coach for you!

Briana Beveridge –


I decided to listen to my calling!

I was uncertain about taking the leap towards my life mission. A 9 to 5 day job is sometimes much safer than living with the uncertainty of going towards a calling. It’s such a huge step, with lots of emotions involved.

Since coaching with Bev, I have decided to listen to my calling. I still have some fear but Bev is teaching me lifelong lessons. I now understand that fear sends me in the opposite direction of my mission and love eliminates the fear and brings me closer to my calling.

Since I’ve coached been with Bev, I’ve been the first person in the province of Quebec to run the Everest Marathon.

When I lose my focus or go into fear, one call with Bev is all I need. Her wisdom, her strategies, her homework and her warmth are really useful. I feel blessed that our paths have crossed.

Lysanne Goyer – President, GOJI Coaching


I found clarity, FAST!

In less than 45 minutes Bev Barnes helped me clarify what it is that I feel is lacking in my life and then suggested several excellent strategies that will get me back on the path to where I want to go.

I felt like I was talking to an old friend. Bev was wonderful to work with.

Jayne Eyre – Illustrator and Fencing Instructor


My mind opened to new opportunities!

I felt trapped, stuck. In my eyes, my career hadn’t just come to a crossroad. It had come to a corner. I was considering giving up on my life’s ambitions, scrapping everything I had done and starting over from scratch.

Since coaching with Bev, where once I saw only the possibility of failure and rejection, I am now able to see the potential for growth and change. I feel as though I am more able to set new and reasonable goals for myself as I move forward in my career. I also know that I can and should reevaluate those goals as changes merit.

I now try to ride the wave instead of standing strong against it. Bev taught me to widen my career vision. Once I did that, opportunities for growth and change soon followed.

Chuck Larish – Music Technology Instructor


I developed a plan for success!

I have been writing a book for 9 years, but every time I get close to finishing it, I sabotage myself. I wanted to figure out what was behind my resistance, so that I could move around it.

I haven’t finished my book, but working on it doesn’t give me the creeping doubts like it used to. I also have developed a plan for success that goes far beyond writing to the very essence of taking care of myself. I am processing emotions before they can stick me in resistance.

Bev taught me that that my resistance meant that my essential self had already said yes to my desire…that is such a comforting concept! Bev also helped me to develop a strategy for success today based on my own best methods. Her worksheets on processing my emotions have been the most helpful.

Terri Fedonczak – Certified Life Coach


I found my voice.

I took part in one of Bev Barnes’ recent coaching circles. I went into the coaching circle knowing that I could sense my dream but really needing help with getting clearer on what it was. I got that and so, so much more.

Straight away I liked the confidentiality and camaraderie that there was in being in a small group. I soon discovered that I did know what my life’s work was but that I was frozen because of my fear based beliefs.

Bev has the quick intuitive ability to gently point to where you are limiting yourself and coach you through it, fast. As each week progressed I felt energized to push through my fears and I was self encouraged to continue as I knew that I had the support I needed. That gave me the courage to do “The Work” on my own.

I was also incentivized as I knew that my new circle-friends were working away too on their own issues and that I could openly share mine on the next call. As someone who is an introvert by nature this was especially freeing. I noticed as those walls came down in our safe circle I was becoming less restricting in my life too.

Overall Bev helped my embrace my own style and clear away what was keeping me in stasis. I found my voice. Since the circle ended a couple of weeks ago I have declared my new title and have had business cards made. My new attitude is ‘why wait’?

Áine Mac Dermott – Life Coach and Pre-Design Strategist


Insights, laughter and self-discovery.

“Time spent with Bev Barnes has been nothing short of enlightening. Her heartfelt and intuitive insights stay with me long after we talk, like a beacon of sorts that guides me into further self-discovery.

She’s highly intelligent, makes me laugh, deeply caring, and won’t let me get away with shabby habits. I’m truly appreciative of her work, her passion, and her joy – which, by the way, has helped me find my own!”

Beverly Belling – Professional Intuitive & Life Coach


Bev Barnes, a testament to soul coaching.

During periods of transition, Bev Barnes’ skillful, warm, and intuitive coaching helped me sort out the thoughts and beliefs not serving my soul’s work. Since coaching with Bev, I have a greater sense of comfort in my potential and have actualized dreams I once thought unattainable. My business and spirit is growing; I am joyful and confidently open to what the future holds. Thanks Bev, my soul is forever changed by your work!

Jess Ryan –

Rosie P

I got clarity, focus and support in creating my life’s work.

I had some confusion and anxiety about how to start and where to begin creating my life’s work. I was searching for a way to get my word out.

Since coaching with Bev, I have more clarity and focus. Bev helped me to know that it’s okay to take tiny steps to get where I am going.

Her sessions were the stepping stones I needed to get moving. I felt there was something that I had to do…Bev guided me through the next steps.

Rosie Pi – Nurse Practitioner/Healer


I admitted to my truth.

I have been a life coach for 15 years and in all that time I have never taken a class, met with another coach, or received marketing/niche guidance that has allowed me to authentically speak (admitting to myself first!) the truth of my soul covenant….using my experience to magically transform that into a statement of my path of service/purpose in the world.

Mostly I have had other coaches try to coach me into some predetermined mold of what they think a coach should be. It has been frustrating to say the least. Your class and worksheet gave me the space (literally and figuratively) to re-member the various yarns that knit together the afghan of my life, allowing me to honor my soul’s intention to “be & provide a sanctuary for weary travelers”. I am grateful beyond words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Corey Stiles – Life Coach