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Who I work with:


New Life Coaches and those transitioning to life coaching who:

  • aren’t clear about their niche and want to gain clarity and confidence so that they can get going on their life’s work;
  • aren’t sure that coaching is their thing;
  • need a mentor, support and feedback about their coaching and clients.

Experienced Life Coaches, solo-entrepreneurs, therapists and other wayfinders who need a mentor, sounding board and advice to get through personal and professional blocks.

My clients are emotionally smart, creative, passionate, Wayfinders who value spiritual growth.

They want to be the best version of themselves. They have a passion for helping others to transform their lives and a huge desire to make a positive contribution to the world. They have never put their gifts at the centre of their work and doing so brings up fear, doubt and uncertainty.  They don’t know if they have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

They don’t want to hide their true nature any longer.

They know that the time is NOW – to do what they were born to do.

I can help you to get clear, get confident and get going on your life’s work.

I offer personal 1-1 coaching in a 6 month engagement.  I also offer small group coaching programs for Life Coaches.

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MarthaAtkinsDon’t hire her unless you’re ready for change. For real.Want to get your groove on? Change your life? Change your client’s lives? Hire Bev.She’s a wicked awesome combo of wise + intuitive + compassionate. Her BS meter is off the charts. Your stories about what can’t do? She’ll blow ’em up and you’ll think to yourself, “What just happened?!” Once the dust settles, you will be onnnn fiyyyahh.

Martha J. Atkins, PhD, LPC-S – Master Certified Coach – Licensed Professional Counselor